Getting into the games industry is both challenging and competitive, we offer portfolio reviews and guidance in the form of our mentorship program. We will breakdown your portfolio and make sure the quality is high enough for the games market.



Student? No problem: 10% students concession is available on 4 week and 8 week Mentorships. Contact for us for details, proof of study is required.


Mentoring includes:

  • Personal 1-1 feedback and advice from your mentor using conferencing software
  • Image Paint-over’s provided in JPEG and PSD format
  • Clear breakdown of your current portfolio
  • Scheduling planning for portfolio development
  • Real Example: Before & After Our Mentoring:


    What do I need to show when booking a portfolio review or mentorship?

    3d & 2d Artists

    Please provide prior to the online meeting at least 4-8 examples of finished 2d/3d work that
    show a range of your skills. This can be in the form of a portfolio website link or a zip file
    containing high quality .PNG or .JPEG images. (Zip files should be under 10MB)

    Examples might include:

    Character and environment design
    Game props
    Menu/User interface design
    In game video footage
    Life drawing to show your level of drawing ability

    3d material

    Provide good quality renders of your objects include on the image:
    The texture
    A wireframe render
    Triangle count and texture sizes

    Please note clearly what you have done on the images if there has been other artists
    involved in the project.


    Please provide:

    A completed showreel or separate pieces of animation.
    Animations can be done in 2d or 3d software please provide a Youtube or Vimeo link.
    Total length of examples should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.
    A short breakdown of the programs you use or are interested in.

    Note: Please indicate which game graphics role you want to target your portfolio
    when you contact us.

    Send links or work to

    Nick Sweetman is an experienced and skilled game art instructor. As my mentor Nick was pleasant and informative but also strict when it was needed. He inspired me to work harder and I still value his advice.

    Our mentors have worked on games titles such as:

    Pixars Rush, Trivial Pursuit, Tornado Mania, Minigolf Magic,
    Rainbow 6, Crazy Penguin Catapult 2, Playman, South Park,
    Brick Breaker Revolution, Aliens Vs Predator and Quantum Break.