2D Background Design

During this course the students will learn to visualize their game idea in to a presentable form. They will learn how to make conscious decisions on the art style, define asset pipelines and create visual target shots.

Online course breakdown:

Week 1:

Tips & Tricks to speed up your Photoshop workflow. Research and thumbnail creation for a stylised platform sidescroller.

Week 2:

Defining the style of the game, asset creation list and the principles of colour. Creating rough assets

Week 3:

Creating more assets and testing in Unity.

Week 4:

Final sprint to finish the assets and test in the game template.

The course includes mostly video and some written material and uses the teachable learning system.

Target Audience

The artists should have a digital drawing tablet and have basic knowledge of both Photoshop and Unity.

Course Content Teachers

Part 1: Nick Sweetman

Guiding you through the basic vector tools and thumbnail process I get you up to speed before you start going through the mini game project. We cover tips and tricks to speed up workflow and look at the main vector techniques with the pen tool.

Part 2: Graphics: Maureen Lukito – Narration: Nick Sweetman

Rovio game artist Maureen Lukito shows the workflow she uses to create a professional 2d game background. We go from scheduling to blocking out the assets and implementing them into the game engine Unity. The template scene gives you the essential elements you need to test your environment: A jumping character, animated parallax layers with basic functionality for you to move through the level. The template is coded by game programmer Yrjö Peussa and is specifically designed for testing and is not a complete game, if you know coding feel free to build on top!