2D Game Art Foundation

Here are sample videos taken from each week of the course.

Week 1:

Traditional still life drawing
 in pencil and charcoal focusing on learning the core foundation skills of value, light, shadow, negative & positive space. (tasks can be done digitally.)

Week 2:

Covers the basics of perspective drawing: 1,2 & 3 point. Tasks are written so that students can apply the knowledge of perspective to visualising 3d game props.

Week 3:

Essential techniques for creating mockup screenshots for game pitches and pre-production. Designing a pixel character from block out to final detailing. Continuing by creating a mockup shot with character and background.

Week 4:

Introduction to 2d Background Design starting with thumbnail sketching in markers then using digital techniques in Photoshop. The second part covers creating a stylised 2D background for a high resolution mockup shot.

The video based course includes one main assignment each week. Feedback is provided to the student in the form of a paint over and written notes. The online course uses the Docebo learning system.

Target audience:

Aimed at the complete beginner this course teaches the core traditional and digital skills essential for a game artist.

This course requires:

  • A4 Sketchpad
  • Pencil/Charcoal (tasks can be done digitally if you prefer)
  • Basic digital drawing tablet the brand Intuos Draw (small size) is recommended (77,90e)
  • Trial Version of Photoshop
  • Course Teacher: Nick Sweetman

    Note: Generally there is no refund policy for Game Art Collective courses.
    However if you decide to cancel 5 days before the course begins you can get a full refund.
    (5% transaction fee will be deducted.)